London’s Tube to get free Wi-Fi in time for Olympics


Free Wi-Fi will be made available to London’s commuters in time for the Olympics. That is, when the Tube drivers aren’t on strike leaving half the network crippled for days at a time.

Everyone loves a freebie, especially if it comes in invisible wireless waves of Wi-Fi enjoyment. Thankfully for the typical grumpy Londoner, users of the Underground subway system will receive free Wi-Fi during July and August.

The catch? There isn’t one as it happens, with anyone able to use the free Wi-Fi during the Olympics and beyond, thanks to Virgin Media. If there were one, however, it would be that once the slightly later Paralympic Games are over, non-Virgin customers will be shuttered out.

London’s Tube to get free Wi-Fi in time for Olympics

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business telephone selection – services and hardware – get your office the service back up it requires

Be sure to select a communications provider that can provide your business with what it needs – not what they want to supply you.

A supplier should have a number of vendor and supply options.


Often we have been in competitive situations against a ‘One-man-band’ or ‘man-and-a-van’ whilst a customer may save £50-£100 with such an out fit, there are many downsides, we recommend you look for all these in any new comms provider.

1) Support – a depth of back office support, in telephony, adsl, and mobile technologies

2) A selection of vendor equipment (for features, look and feel, integration to other systems in the business)

3) A selection of Tier 1 network providers, with proper wholesale relationship to provide a higher level of service than if you were direct

If you are a small business looking to save money it may be a false economy to buy cheap today, but have to reinvest a year down the line if the cheap option purchased can’t handle voip or voicemail etc..

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Business Phone System from just £12.50 per month


Ideally every small business should have at least two phone lines and a Phone System to field calls, with professional voicemail and features similar to those used by large companies. People working from home do not want to use the domestic phone line and number for their business.

Smartinfo offer SmartHorizon – The Professional Solution

SmartHorizon gives all the features of a fully blown Phone System, at a fraction of the cost.

We supply you with a Cisco business phone which connects to us via your broadband. The phone is delivered already set up to your configuration – Phone no. etc.

You will have a new phone number, with an area code of your choice.

Do not worry if you want to alter your set up as you will have access to a web ‘portal’ which will enable you to make changes.

A few of the benefits that come with SmartHorizon:

  • Line Rental is included in the £12.50 monthly fee. Each phone has a line.
  • Never miss a call. If you are engaged and someone calls they will be put through to voicemail.
  • Call log. All calls – including missed – calls are logged.
  • Voicemail.  Voice mail messages can be sent to email.
  • Directory – Create your directory by capturing the caller’s number.
  • Twin your phone with your mobile – both can ring simultaneously or sequentially.
  • ‘Night service’ message. Different message for when the office closes – You choose the time.
  • Auto Attendant – press 1 for Sales, 2 for Accounts etc gives the impression of scale.
  • You can even record calls. During a call instruct the system to record and it will do so from the beginning of the call. You then simply download the ‘file’.

The only additional cost is a £200.00 one off set up fee which includes the pre-configured Cisco Phone. You simply plug the phone into your Router and start making and receiving calls.

SmartHorizon uses the Broadsoft platform (the world’s largest hosted provider) to power our services. The system evolves from us implementing our client’s wishes. Consequently there are all the features you would expect with additional ones being added all the time.

We look forward to helping you resolve this common issue for a monthly charge that is less than the rental of a BT Business Analogue Phone Line.

Smartinfo Ltd are available to help.

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Cisco phone system for small business

Cisco phone system for small business

Cisco phone for small business



Smartinfo can supply and configure a Cisco phone system for you small business. Based on the Broadsoft r17 platform, customers can manage their extension online and upload auto attendant and music on hold online.

POE (Power over Eithernet)  switches, cat 5 installs, and fax to email solutions are also available.

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Progressive dialling


Progressive dialling enables a phone system to dial a fed list of contacts, this boosts productivity massively.

Its common knowledge among sales managers and directors out bound calling is the most hated of tasks by sales people, often this is a psychological barrier and the hardest barrier to break is the initial pick up the handset and dial.

Once most sales people are in dialogue all fear dissipates. Our progressive dialling software

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Scafolding firm in Stevenage go 21cn with IP technology


Old Knebworth number able to ring on SIP trunks (VOIP Lines )in Stevenage Office (had previously cost £1000s in line rental and divert charges over a period of many years)

New ‘Out of hours’ service launched at weekends using IP phone at home location ie a worker at home can answer calls as if in the office.

Directors able to work from home as if in the office

SAved £1000s on line rentals and leasing charges

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South London Networking Group puts Telecoms Provider Smartinfo at Heart of business community


Smartinfo Ltd, a City of London based leading supplier of Alcatel, Mitel and Samsung telephone
systems along with electronic surveillance and mobile phone solutions are the preferred provider for
the Wandsworth based Networking Group to supply the telephone system requirements of
Wandsworth SME community.

As The Wandsworth Telephone Exchange is now enabled for FTTC (Fibre to the Cabinet)
the Networking Group are putting their contacts in touch with Tim Orchard – Smartinfo’s local

FTTC brings blisteringly fast broadband to businesses at a fraction of the price they would have paid
previously for a similar service. In turn this makes VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol – Internet
Telephony) a cost effective alternative to expensive ISDN (Digital) phone lines.

For more information contact: [email protected]

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Film Company Moves Phone System thrice in Soho London


Smartinfo have been supplying many companies in the media industry with phone systems and services for many years now, Day-Gardener DGP, China Blue, Pink Pigeon, Adventure Pictures (Sally Potter), Ealing and Hds Studios to name but a few.

The Media industry, especially in Soho, London moves around alot, Due to productions scaling up with rapid staff upscalling and scaling back once product finishes.

One such company Caveman Films run by production supremo Jonathan Cavendish (Bridget Jones, Gangster No 1). Due to overlapping productions staff numbers fluctuated over a 3 year period, this meant new bigger offices had to be moved into to accommodate temporary and intern staff.

Three office moves were required, Smartinfo moved Caveman over to SIP trunks – this meant the phone system could be moved to any location and their main numbers moved instantly too, the system can even be placed in a house in-between moves temporarily.

Mr Cavendish has now started a new venture with Andy Serkis (Lord of the Rings) – Imaginarium films, and the same phone system, and SIP Trunks can accommodate the new company and brand as a standalone separate entity.

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Voice Recognition for Telephony Incoming Calls

Smartinfo Ltd, a City of London based leading supplier ofAlcatel, Mitel and Samsung telephone systems along with electronic surveillance and mobile phone solutions are announce that their suppliers have informed them that they will soon be releasing voice recognition application for incoming calls.

What the product is designed to do is to identify the incoming caller and their name will pop up on the screen. Smartinfo are very excited about the benefits of that this product will confer on the users and see it making Dental and Doctors Practices call handling much easier. The release date has not been given.

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