Is Your Business Truly Mobile?

nokia-lumiaBeing able to check emails, take calls and plan your day on the move is essential to maintaining an efficient and successful business, and part of achieving that efficiency relies on choosing the right handsets and tariffs for you and your team.

More than that…

Finding the best business mobile service is about more than just buying a few handsets and dongles though: your mobile technology should integrate fully with the rest of your IT and communication system i.e. your servers, your software, and your business telephone system – that’s what truly allows your business to become mobile and your team to get things done on the go.

How we can help:

If you don’t have the time or know-how in house to compare all the options and choose the right technology and service package, or the time and know-how to set everything up, we do. Our experts listen very carefully. They will understand your business goals and its operational set up and then match that to the most relevant mobile technology and service contracts. They will take into account your personal preferences, your IT system requirements, network coverage, usage allowances, data limits, security, and roaming charges too – that is, we take an holistic approach to help you find the best business mobile solution.

There simply isn’t any better way to do it.


For example, our tariffing experts will pinpoint the best value for money tariff for your business. And because we work with all the UK’s major network providers we’re able to fully consider the full range of tariffs on the entire market before presenting you with a solution. The same applies to handsets: if you want us to supply 50 iPhones in pink, all with your company logo on the back, we’ll do it!

A Quick and Easy Extension

If we’re already looking after your business telephone systems, we can plan in your business mobile services to integrate seamlessly with it, so you can transfer calls to mobiles, redirect incoming calls to workers on the road or at home, and easily synchronise everyone’s emails, calendars, contacts and more.

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