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We cover a broad range of telecoms and IT requirements. Our solutions backed up with a first class support team lead the market not only in the South East but across the UK.
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Landlords! We are “lighting London” with Super Reliable and Super Fast Broadband!

Direct Fibre Leased Lines (with FREE installation) is the best choice for landlords, tenants and small businesses alike because they offer balanced upload and download speeds of 100 times your current speed and 100% greater reliability.

The Benefits:

  • Equal upload and download speeds – ideal if you need total reliability, and ideal for landlords, tenants, and cloud-based media companies in particular
  • Speeds from 20MB up to 1GB and beyond if required
  • Guaranteed uptime of 99.998% – with a refund for any downtime
  • Seamless Backup – if your connection does go down, the fail safe system automatically kicks in and you won’t notice a thing
  • No dependency on the BT exchange – so you can’t be held hostage to slow repairs or highly inefficient copper wiring connections
  • Much lower cost – from a tenth of the cost of a direct leased line
  • No costly set up infrastructure, shorter term contracts from 6 months
  • 100 times the real world speed of BT’s fibre over copper products
  • Competitive onsite or remote support

Our Team

  • Testimonial

    Zak Coogan

    About Zak Coogan

    CEO & CTO. Zak is an IT and Telecoms specialist. He has honed his skills developing, installing and maintaining business telephones and systems as well as providing communication solutions for SME’s throughout the UK.

  • Testimonial

    Lee Rodgers

    About Lee Rodgers

    IT Support – North.

  • Testimonial

    Tom Brezza

    About Tom Brezza

    IT Support Manager – South and Application Support.

  • Testimonial

    Piers Sharpe

    About Piers Sharpe

    IT support – West London.

  • Testimonial

    Ronnie Salter

    About Ronnie Salter

    Fibre Installations Manager. Over seas GPON fibre installs.

  • Testimonial

    John Bailey

    About John Bailey

    Head of Fibre Installations. JB has many years fibre experience installing fibre for the MOD and commercial environments. John overseas singlemode fibre installations, as well as traditional cat 5 structured cabling installs.

  • Testimonial

    Laura Lucas

    About Laura Lucas

    Marketing Manager. Reaches out to new building owners and managers.

  • Testimonial

    David Wheeler

    About David Wheeler

    West Regional Director. On-boards Multi tenanted buildings in the West Region Bristol and Bath based.

  • Testimonial

    Eamon Coogan

    About Eamon Coogan

    Billing / Accounts / Operations.

  • Testimonial

    Tim Orchard

    About Tim Orchard

    South London Account Director. Tim has many years experience manage large corporate accounts and structuring complex negotiations and bespoke customer propositions.

  • Testimonial

    Richard Godden

    About Richard Godden

    Telephone Systems Engineer.

Privately held and 100% of growth achieved organically by word of mouth, recommendation and sympathetic aligned targeting
98% customer retention over a 10 year period
96% customer satisfaction after technical issues resolved
87% of customers like Smartinfo's personal and bespoke approach towards them
  • Testimonial
    Udo Paul, Aircraft Materials - Managing Director

    "The Mitel system they setup and support" system

  • Testimonial

    "Our support is not driven by tickets but personality"

“An important goal for us is to ensure that every solution we develop has been put together in order to directly and positively impact on the productivity and efficiency of our client’s business.”


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