Hosted Telephony

What is Hosted Telephony?

Hosted TelephonyEssentially. hosted telephony is where the customer has no system on-site – you connect IP phones to our system platform housed in a secure data centre. In other words, we host your system – all you require are IP handsets.

Whilst hosted cannot offer all the weird and wonderful features of a dedicated on site phone system it is great for a home use, or SOHO home business as it gives you the essential features of a full system at the fraction of the cost. The customer pays for the handset and a monthly rental per user, so the low capital outlay is also enjoyed by the customer.

Hosted systems are an ideal SOHO or old fashioned BT Featureline replacement, or as a stopgap until a full system is required.

We use Cisco, Mitel and Polycom phones in our hosted offerings.

What are some of the benefits of using a hosted telephony system?

  • Low capex, only need to purchase phones
  • Simple system for a small number of users
  • Monthly payment model
  • Seamless migration path to a system
  • Main features of a system at a fraction of the cost

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