IP Telephony

IP Telephony is changing the world of telecoms and phone systems.

IP TelephonyThe convergence of IT, fixed line and mobile telephony brings the power of the network to speech, giving organisations new ways to communicate with colleagues and customers.

IP telephony (Voip) makes it easier than ever for businesses to implement more efficient working practices, such as remote working, conferencing and unified communications, whilst also delivering lower call costs through SIP trunks (Voip lines for phone systems) that route calls over the internet.

For multi-site organisations, it has the added benefit of unifying disparate offices with a single point of contact for customers, a unified extension numbering plan and the ability to make or transfer calls between sites at no cost.

Smartinfo can deliver all these benefits from the outset as part of a fully converged IP telephony system – an option that is especially attractive for businesses that are moving into new premises or completely upgrading their network infrastructure.

Smartinfo also have the perfect solution for the vast majority of businesses that still have separate voice and data networks and envisage a more evolutionary transition to IP telephony and new ways of working. With support for traditional and IP telephony, our modular telephone systems allow customers to add functionality and applications as their needs change or budgets allow, whilst preserving their investment in existing equipment

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