Smart Remote Working

Remote Working

Location IndependenceSmart Remote Working
Being at your office no longer means being in the office. No matter if you are working from your home, staying in a hotel or on the shop floor, we can have you working as if you were at your desk. With the unique Samsung OfficeServ and Ubigate systems you and your team can work smarter from multiple locations.

Walk & Talk
The Samsung DECT handsets allow workers to communicate using their phone as they move around offices, the shop floor or even large warehouses. Ideal for those who need to be on the move and communicating effectively.

Access all areas
Smart Remote Working
Samsung WiFi enables both voice and data communication to be delivered over a wireless network. Allowing workers to bring their desktop to any location in the world, giving your business ultimate flexibility. This is especially useful for those workers who are remote from the office, such as sales teams, project managers or logistic support who demand constant access to the internet, e-mail and company intranets.

Smart Remote Working
Today everyone is mindful of the environment, less travelling helps by reducing pollution and saving energy, at the same time reducing your business costs. Programmed centrally, a Samsung IP handset does not need to be set up by a technician on site, it can be sent ready for use in the post thus reducing your carbon footprint.

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