Reliable, Fast and High Quality Broadband is Business Critical

business broadbandWhy? Because your business depends on email and Internet access to do business. Without it, nothing gets done, or if it does, it gets done much more slowly, causing delays, complaints and general inefficiency: something that could harm your brand as well as your operations and order fulfilment. But a reliable broadband connection empowers and enables you to do business efficiently over the web. This is especially important if your customers don’t live around the corner: maybe they live in London, New York, Mumbai, or Tokyo! Your customers might be far and away, working in different time zones, so your broadband must be reliable so you can meet their needs and deadlines.

Impartial, Accredited and Expert Advice

Choosing the right connection involves much more than just picking a provider and paying the monthly invoice. What about installation? Or troubleshooting, support and maintenance? Things can get complicated and make the decision more difficult than it needs to be, but once a contract is signed you might have to honour it for quite some time, even if it doesn’t meet your needs. That’s where we come in… we’re here to make sure your broadband delivers everything you need.

As accredited and seasoned communications experts working with all the major UK business broadband providers (Cisco, Juniper and Nortel to name but a few), we have an excellent overview of all the options available to small businesses and our advisors will only recommend the most suitable package to meet your specific needs.

The Key Broadband Considerations:

  • Reliability: what happens when your broadband breaks or runs too slowly? Who fixes it? When can they fix it? How does a slow-down affect your business operations and your customers? Can you afford that impact? Can they?
  • Speed: what download and upload speeds are achievable in your premises, and what is the importance to your business of having a high speed connection?
  • Tariff: what is the best tariff for your budget and usage, and what limitations will restrict you i.e. what’s in the small print? We’ll make sure you get the best value for money tariff available.

Your Broadband Options

We also supply:

  • Fixed IPs
  • Public IPs
  • A dedicated 1:1 contention
  • 40meg down, 10 meg up, check.

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