Music on Hold

We can install a state of the art music on hold and on hold marketing system.

on hold marketing systems and music on hold for businessesThis can help improve your customers’ perception of your service and brand in the following ways: 

1-Enhance Your Corporate Image

A well recorded “on hold” message creates a very positive impression of your business when customers phone in.

2- Improve  Customer Relationships
By letting your callers know they are being dealt with, it reassures their confidence in your services.

3-Avoid Irritation with Automated Sound or ‘Silence’ Customers are often annoyed by automated system sounds. If there is no sound when callers are on hold they don’t know if they are still connected and 95% hang up.

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4-The Advertising value
Tell callers about your current special offers while they wait to be connected.

5-Tell about New Products and Services
If your are increasing your product range this is an excellent platform to share the information.

6-Psychologically Reduces Hold Time
Research shows  that callers believe they are ‘on hold’ for a shorter time when listening to music while they wait.

7- First Impressions are important
If you don’t sound professional the first time, will they call back?

8-Free Marketing
‘On Hold’ time is dead air – fill it with advertising for your company!

9-Reduce Caller ‘Hang-Ups’
When listening to a professional Music on Hold production, people are interested to hear what is being said, reducing callers who simply hang up.