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Landlords! Connect Westminster To A Superfast Broadband!

Direct Fibre Leased Lines (with FREE installation) is the best choice for landlords, tenants and small businesses alike because they offer balanced upload and download speeds of 100 times your current speed and 100% greater reliability.

Lighting Westminster
Lighting Westminster
Lighting Westminster

The Benefits:

  • Equal upload and download speeds – ideal if you need total reliability, and ideal for landlords, tenants, and cloud-based media companies in particular;
  • Speeds from 20MB up to 1GB and beyond if required;
  • Guaranteed uptime of 99.998% – with a refund for any downtime;
  • Seamless Backup – if your connection does go down, the fail safe system automatically kicks in and you won’t notice a thing;
  • No dependency on the BT exchange – so you can’t be held hostage to slow repairs or highly inefficient copper wiring connections;
  • Much lower cost – from a tenth of the cost of a direct leased line;
  • No costly set up infrastructure, shorter term contracts from 6 months;
  • 100 times the real world speed of BT’s fibre over copper products;
  • Competitive onsite or remote support.

Even More Benefits for Landlords!

We are Government registered to provide grants and will project manage the installation process and provide you with infrastructure which can total £50,000 of cabling, switching equipment, power back up, racking and monitoring.

  • We manage the tenant solution on a monthly basis;
  • We run our own billing system, and direct debit service;
  • Market your property as High Speed Connectivity Enabled and use the Smartinfo brand as a partner;
  • FREE installation of the equipment e.g. switches, cabling, fibre optics, and UPS


Why Trust Us?

We are an established Tech City and Docklands connectivity provider – we provide corporate and business telecoms to household names.

How is such a super reliable and super fast connection possible?

Because it’s a direct connection, your building or business premises will be literally connected directly to the Internet – there is no middleman, it misses out the local BT exchange. ADSL and traditional fibre optic connections travel from the Internet but stop at the local BT exchange. From the BT exchange to your business premises it’s copper wire all the way. And because everyone in your building is trying to send their files and connect to the Internet over a copper wire this effectively chokes everyone’s upload speeds. The end result: your business slows down. You are not getting what you paid for. Worse, if the local BT exchange goes down, then there is no service level agreement BT can offer you as to how long it will take to be fixed: you could be down for a day or ten days!

Copper wire for goodness sake! Is this the Dark Ages?