IT Support & Managed Services

We offer a full range of IT solutions from hosted to on-site tailored to meet your technical and budgetary requirements.

IT Support & Managed ServicesWith engineers throughout the UK and boasting significantexperience and expertise (MCSE, Cisco, Prince II and Google apps), we work with businesses of any size to create quality bespoke IT solutions.

We can either source branded PCs or simply build and configure bespoke PCs to match your needs, covering:

  • Hardware – Ensuring your PC systems have the hardware to match your needs, covering everything from motherboards to required amount of USB ports.
  • Configuration – A PC is only as good as the person who put it together. With Smartinfo, you have the piece of mind that your PC systems are being assembled and tested by our expert and experienced staff.
  • Software – An “off the shelf” PC will come with a huge amount of pre-installed software but how much of that software do you actually need? At Smartinfo, we work with the client to identify and install the exact software applications required to get the most out of your staff and your business.

Server Support
Servers have become commonplace for most businesses – on or off site. The increased reliance upon servers makes the issue of server software support all the more vital. Server downtime is not just an inconvenience but a serious obstacle to the efficient running of a business.

We offers bespoke server software support services. Working with clients to ensure that servers are running effectively and any issues which occur and dealt with quickly and effectively.

Remote IT Support
For many SMEs on a budget, full-time on-site IT manager or even long-term IT support contracts are costs that can’t be justified.We can offer a secure internet based remote IT support service on a per PC basis. For an economical and professional IT support solution for SME’s, why not contact us and ask about our remote support services?

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