What is VoIP?

Voip telephone Systems for BusinessAs UK VoIP providers we’re often asked this question by our customers.

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet protocol and is a term which simply means using voice services, such as telephony, over your internet connection. As long as you have a reasonable quality of internet connection, your company can benefit from VoIP services.

As far as you and your workforce will be concerned, there will be very little difference between this and the regular business phone systems you have been used to; you will still have a handset, you will still dial to make calls and you will still be able to reach the same people in the same ways as before.

Why do we include VoIP in small business telephone systems?

There are two main reasons we recommend VoIP to our clients:

  1. Reduction in cost
  2. Increased functionality

The reduction in cost comes from two places. Firstly, if you are coming to us for your first small business telephone systems, VoIP allows you to have many of the advantages of a PBX, but without a major initial investment. The second reason is that call charges are much less with VoIP, particularly if you need to make international calls to your suppliers or customers.

How will VoIP work for you?

  • For the small, working from home business: If you are just starting up and using a home office, chances are you won’t want to pay the costs to install an extra line or one of the small business telephone systems just yet. Neither do you want your significant other or the kids picking up your business calls. As long as you already have ADSL (broadband) at home, then you can get a separate phone number for your business via VoIP at minimal cost.
  • For an office based business: If you already work out of a business premises, our VoIP solution can be integrated into your existing telephone systems for small business, or can replace it. You will be able to expand fast by adding additional VoIP phones to the system, and can still benefit from all the business phone systems features such as DDI, auto attendant, departmental numbers and voicemail.
  • For a multi office business: VoIP is a superbly cost effective solution for businesses with multiple offices, mainly because all the calls you make from office to office will be free. You can select ‘hunt groups’ so that when the phones are busy, the call is directed to the office with spare capacity automatically. Added to this, your homeworkers can simply plug in their VoIP phone at home, and appear to be in the office to anyone calling in.

Advantages of VoIP for business phone systems

  • Number portability – you move, your number goes with you
  • Unlimited expansion – simply add more phones, you don’t need to worry about outgrowing your current PBX
  • No major capital investment – a low cost solution to small business telephone systems
  • Free calls – office to office, or office to homeworker (even those overseas) is free
  • Cheap calls – to everyone else
  • Simple integration – integrate your VoIP system with your CMS, Outlook or other business management systems with ease
  • Regular upgrades – VoIP is hosted in the ‘cloud’, so upgrades and new features will be added automatically with no need for an engineer visit

Why choose Smartinfo as Your UK VoIP Providers?

Our company have been pioneering in the movement towards VoIP since it was first conceived. We have over 4 years direct experience with SIP Trunks and IP phones, and have carried out many successful installations for our business phone systems customers.

As well as our track record in provision and design of VoIP systems for customers, we have also worked with manufacturers and standards committees to develop and refine VoIP technology. We have carried out many of their beta trials, and even today the feedback from our skilled engineers is improving and pushing the limits of this exciting technology.

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