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Phone system for Islington (N1) Estate agents react to market conditions using Smart Telecom technology


Smartinfo have an estate agent customer in Islington, London.

The estate agent was started by two partners and had grown to 2 offices, the main in Islington and the second in Hampstead.

Their traditional incumbent provider had failed to keep abreast with the latest developments in telecoms technology, both in relation to telcom services and phone system features that can enable their business model.

Initially we consolidated their ISDN and analogue lines, and converted them into SIP trunks – this enabled more efficient line usage, ie they could cut down from 8 lines to 4 Sip trunks (Sip trunks can also be increased and decreased instantly at busy times, on a monthly basis).

All new Sip trunks are now delivered into the main Islington office. Calls to Hampstead are delivered into Islington lines, but ring in Hampstead on IP (Voip) phone extensions, unless unanswered in which case it can overflow identified to Islington N1 HQ.

As the market over the last couple of years has fluctuated the partners have used the phone system to react, where bigger players could not and as a consequence folded. The Hampstead branch office was closed as a physical office, but calls were not taken by its staff in Islington, with no noticeable change to the public clients.

As an entrepreneurial pair, one decided to emigrate to South Africa, to replicate the same business model there. He took an IP phone and was able to continue his administrative role (Accounts and legals) as if still in the UK. (With the use of some cloud based access to London PCs).
As he embraced his new SA lifestyle he also had a requirement for his SA mobile to be attached to the sytem, to take calls at un synchronised hours and on the school run – this was achieved with Mobex so he had full call control, so the ability to transfer the call from his SA mobile back to a London Extension seamlessly.

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Phone System for Logistics Company, using VOIP phones, SIP trunks and Softphones


We thought we would outline a customer case study to show the power of a modern day Telephone system, in this case we outline how a Samsung telephone system enabled a modest logistics company punch above its weight and compete on a global stage, with true global scale.

The HQ of A Logistics is based in Essex and contains a small staff of 4 back office, operations and MD, the Samsung phone sytem is located here with a dedicated ADSL2+ connection for the voice to run SIP trunks over.

The encumbent analogue line number was ported over to the SIP trunks at the time of install. 4 VOIP extension phones were sent to Delhi, India – this is where the customer service calls are taken, so calls are made to the essex number and ring on the Delhi phones, if all the operators in Delhi are busy, the call can be grabbed by the Essex HQ.

The client also have a small office in Rotterdam and two further shipping agents (ie one man offices) in Vancouver and Toronto. Each of these three satalite offcies have an IP phone in place. This means any office can call another simply as an extension call, this means calls are not only free, but every user has access to teh features of the HQ Phone system, such as voicemail, comapny director, and of course can tell if a user in another country is busy or free.

As the MD is on the move and travelling alot mobile bills had become an acute problem. To solve this software was added to both the MD’s Lpatop and his mobile phone. A Samsung softphone was added to the MDs laptop, this gave him the full fucntionallity of a desk phone with programable keys for other users and fuctions such as conferencing – he can use the Laptop softphone in Airport lounges and Hotels as if he is in HQ, or indeed any of the 4 satalite offices. As an additial layer of communication a SIP phone licence was also added to his smartphone (firstly a windows mobile, later an android) this enabled him to take adhoc calls on the move on his mobile on the sip phone app (where wifi or 3g are available).

As a footnote if you are not roaming, domestic mobiles can be connected to the system as extensions with full PBX functionallity such as transfer, hold or conference.

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Mawi designer jewellery uses Global comms solution


Mawi has been a long term customer of Smartinfo, there retail operations are connected to HQ and Studio, as there operation has grown due to the phenominal success of their unique and funky jewellery design, the Smartinfo communications solution has helped enable their growth.

As the chief designers need to travel all around the world for fashion shows, to visit suppliers and travels for creative inspiration, softphones were also set up on laptops so calls back to the office, logistics and Shops are free.

Some people see retail as a low tech – foot fall only marketing operation, but a case study such a Mawi shows a modest but smart and sophisticated operation can integrate multiple fluid sites using technology such as a phone sytem to operate on the global scale expected by their piers.

Contact us to find out why some of the UKs biggest retail brands and multisite operations use our solutions.

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Telephone Systems for Schools and Colleges


Smartinfo have installed many new phone systems for schools and colleges. Many companies just remove old switchboards like for like, misssing an opportunity to add greater functionallity to a schools facility management.

Some of the features we like to install specifically for schools are:-

1) An Operator console – to enable the receptionist to handle a large number of calls at the busiest times

2) Texting from the desktop to allow student or parent realtime updating of urgent opening times info

3) Mobex – to allow mobile phones to replace DECT systems

4) Paging through phones

5) Scalling of lines up and down at busyest times such as admissions for 6th form colleges

6) Mobile gateway to reduce mobile call costs by 60%

If your supplier has not recommended any, or all, of the above they are not looking after a schools functional needs!

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Cloud-Based VoIP PBX to Small Businesses


A low-cost, next-generation Internet Cloud-Based VoIP PBX to Small Businessestelephony software and service provider, today announced that it has launched a SIP based IP-PBX service to consumers and small businesses.The service enables subscribers to establish a virtual telephone system and communicate free through the web, including video conferencing up to 5 extensions at a time, while calls to landline and mobile phones are priced at highly competitive VoIP rates.

As a SIP based system, this Smart VoIP service can also be downloaded to PC’s, cameras, iPhones, iPads, Android and Blackberry phones and other mobile phones using Microsoft Windows operating system, and offers IP security.

Other benefits of Smart IP-PBX system include easier
integration with business applications (the system can be integrated with CRM software to automatically bring up the customer profile of the caller) and economical call forwarding to anywhere in the world using SIP protocols. Unlimited video conferencing for up to five participants from smart phones, tablets, video phones and PCs is available for a small monthly fee.

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Overview on Telephone Systems


There are numerous organisations offering mobile technology and depending on Voice over internet protocol which can be available today. Every one of these offers a different sort of remedy, yet generally they provide exactly the same simple popular features of controlling your own inward along with outbound telephone calls along with the foundation with regard to increasing with respect to the size of the organization.

VoIP Voice Over IP - Voice communication over internet

As an illustration among the functions contained in Voice over internet protocol VoIP solutions are generally extensions. A sensible way to take advantage of exts is always to have distinct exts for several divisions. These distinct divisions may or may well not actually exist in your small business, nevertheless the inward customer won’t essentially have to know in which.

Business Telephone Systems attended further because merely an excellent year or so ago. It was once in which little companies would buy easy one collection or a pair of collection cell phones after they commence.

Greater businesses would set up exclusive branch exchanges or PBXs, in a nutshell. PBXs had been very pricey and likewise tough to set up as well as to keep. As well as for tiny businesses one collection along with two-line techniques will not supply the business owner considerably opportunity to do not simply solution Per make a call or go to message. But the all market is changing as technology advances, the cost of setting up a PBX or SIP Trunk based systems is more affordable and acessible for small business.

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