Film Company Moves Phone System thrice in Soho London


Smartinfo have been supplying many companies in the media industry with phone systems and services for many years now, Day-Gardener DGP, China Blue, Pink Pigeon, Adventure Pictures (Sally Potter), Ealing and Hds Studios to name but a few.

The Media industry, especially in Soho, London moves around alot, Due to productions scaling up with rapid staff upscalling and scaling back once product finishes.

One such company Caveman Films run by production supremo Jonathan Cavendish (Bridget Jones, Gangster No 1). Due to overlapping productions staff numbers fluctuated over a 3 year period, this meant new bigger offices had to be moved into to accommodate temporary and intern staff.

Three office moves were required, Smartinfo moved Caveman over to SIP trunks – this meant the phone system could be moved to any location and their main numbers moved instantly too, the system can even be placed in a house in-between moves temporarily.

Mr Cavendish has now started a new venture with Andy Serkis (Lord of the Rings) – Imaginarium films, and the same phone system, and SIP Trunks can accommodate the new company and brand as a standalone separate entity.

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