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business telephone selection – services and hardware – get your office the service back up it requires

Be sure to select a communications provider that can provide your business with what it needs – not what they want to supply you.

A supplier should have a number of vendor and supply options.


Often we have been in competitive situations against a ‘One-man-band’ or ‘man-and-a-van’ whilst a customer may save £50-£100 with such an out fit, there are many downsides, we recommend you look for all these in any new comms provider.

1) Support – a depth of back office support, in telephony, adsl, and mobile technologies

2) A selection of vendor equipment (for features, look and feel, integration to other systems in the business)

3) A selection of Tier 1 network providers, with proper wholesale relationship to provide a higher level of service than if you were direct

If you are a small business looking to save money it may be a false economy to buy cheap today, but have to reinvest a year down the line if the cheap option purchased can’t handle voip or voicemail etc..

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Cisco phone system for small business

Cisco phone system for small business

Cisco phone for small business



Smartinfo can supply and configure a Cisco phone system for you small business. Based on the Broadsoft r17 platform, customers can manage their extension online and upload auto attendant and music on hold online.

POE (Power over Eithernet)  switches, cat 5 installs, and fax to email solutions are also available.

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Accountancy Profession clamouring aboard.


Smartinfo Ltd, a City of London based leading supplier of Alcatel, Mitel and Samsung telephone systems along with electronic surveillance and mobile phone solutions are considered the Telecoms equivalent of Sage to the accountancy profession.

This is reflected in the number of firms signing up to use the cost-saving telecoms solutions Smartinfo are offering them. Accountants are considered very cautious in recommending the services of providers to their clients. Smartinfo have found that their Accountancy Practice Customers have no reservations about introducing them to their clients. This is because they see which client would benefit from the cost savings and productivity gains Smartinfo offer. Their advice is based on their own positive experiences of reducing costs and working smarter.

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Italian Financial crisis – Stop Telephone systems Install


Smartinfo recently quoted for a very sophisticated and complex telephone system for a rich Italian for his London house. The handsets quoted have large coloured screens and programmed to pick up the images from the CCTV system and sound from the security system cameras.

All the bedrooms and bathrooms are o have cameras installed and voice sensitive recording devices attached to each camera. The complete systems were priced at £50k. He said he wanted to fund it by a lease but the banks refused because they said they did not want to add to the Italian debt crisis. Negotiations on payment methods continue as he desperately wants us to fulfil our proposal and install the telephone system and security system before Christmas…

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Which are the Benefits of a VoIP Phone System for Small business? Part2


Another advantage that huge businesses have over your smaller counterparts is allow you to expand into wider markets.

As a smaller merchant, you might think which you don’t have that identical advantage. With the completely new VoIP technology, you can essentially have a presence in any location that supports an increased speed internet connection.

Teleworking from a home business is fast becoming normative in today’s business earth and smaller businesses can now take advantage of the flexibility that this technological innovation provides. By having an employee working out of a residence office, you can test your corporation in other areas wthout using large outflow of capital to arrange a brick and mortar online business.

You simply give your property based employee an extension off of your VoIP phone system and let them access to various other network resources and they’re installed and operating in no time. That is particularly helpful where you have sales staff. They can perform to expand your customers base in locations that you previously thought were using reach.

Another large benefit for the VoIP phone system intended for small business is that you can now have a cellular workforce. Many potential clients are living in their own busy world and would appreciate you planning to them. With VoIP, you’re account reps could then stop by where the customers happen to be.

This flexibility gives your company even more exposure and makes fulfilling your prospects needs that much simpler and easier. Having the ability to succeed in someone to express their concerns or get aid in problems is a huge selling point for any business. VoIP provides the business web site do just that.

Another benefit to having a VoIP phone system for home business is that it becomes surprisingly easy for Associates to relocate when needed. They simply log on away from the phone on their counter, and then login into the phone at their different desk.

This allows the associate to have their extension with them without additional wiring or administration over the phone system. This is costs another administration and doesn’t have to have a high level of practical skill.

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Which are the Benefits of a VoIP Phone System for Small business? Part1


If you’re considering an important VoIP phone system for online business but are concerned about the cost, consider how much money it may losing by not experiencing one. Being a private business owner, you might feel as if you can’t compete with larger well-known names into your industry.

The one or two lines you could have coming into your organization aren’t cutting it as well as customers often go elsewhere while they either get an answering machine or possibly a busy signal.

With the professionally designed phone product, you can give prospective buyers a completely different perception of your respective business and what you will want to offer. First impressions are everything a great number consumers won’t have a whole lot confidence in a business that includes a number that goes on to an answering machine as soon as calls can’t be right away answered.

Now picture a reliable auto-attendant that announces your organization and advises callers learn how to reach their intended social gathering.

The service or product you offer will be the same and yet potential users are already just about guaranteed to buy based on the way that initial contact is handled. This in impact, gives the customer the impression you are a big name company that they may trust.


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