Music on Hold for business phone systems


Music on hold for business telephone systems provides a great marketing tool as well as enhancing the marketing image of your business to both customers and suppliers.

A music on hold player is an easy and cost effective addition to any phone system. Most music on hold players nowadays are MP3 players – so have no moving parts ensuring a long life.

As the new MOH players are MP3, most come with a memory card to load music or messages on, simply pop the card into your PC and use the bundled software to create and upload your audio file.

MOH is now more commonly know as Messaging on hold, as companies use Holding as a free marketing slot. Some examples of pertinent marketing messages:-

1) Details of Special Offers

2) To cross sell other product ranges

3) To launch new product ranges, or announce new office or store openings

4) to make company informercials, such as web address or direction details

Many of the MOH systems we supply include loyalty free music and some have professional recordings included. Smartinfo also have partnerships with studios and actors to record a professional message, and overdubbed on your choice of music type from classical to retro to pop or rock.

Customers who added MOH to systems have always been ecstatic with the results and ‘band for buck’ image it purveys.

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