Contract addendum for Subcontractors, Suppliers and Agents working for or on behalf of Smartinfo Ltd.

As an amendment to our standard contract terms, Smartinfo have an additional clause for suppliers and subcontractors engaged to conduct work for Smartinfo Ltd. This clause is compulsory for any subcontractor accepting work from Smartinfo.

To protect our substantial sales and marketing investment any subcontractor, supplier or agent engaged or employed on behalf of Smartinfo cannot contact directly or offer services not supplied through Smartinfo; even if approached directly by a customer, this includes but is not limited to – complimentary or replacement services, including all areas or business Smartinfo Ltd are involved in.

If in the event this clause, and therefore Contract is breeched, Smartinfo can claim losses. Loss is calculated as 6 years projected customer contribution, (6 years is the average Smartinfo customer lifespan). Contribution is calculated on all Telecom services provided to the client (For instance a client generating a profit of £10 per month is calculated at £10 x 72 months = £720 +Vat).

In addition to the loss, as the initial contract was breeched Smartinfo will look to re-coupe any fees or commission paid by Smartinfo to the contractor, such as daily rates, or commissions. Any costs in recouping loss will also be added.

In addition we recommend engineers, sales representatives  dealers and suppliers do not supply customers directly with their personal mobile numbers, and instead direct customers to call Smartinfo Head office for any after sales help or support.

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