Stoke Croft Bristol

Smartinfo are a WISP – Wireless Internet Service Provider

Stokes Croft is the independent creative capital of Bristol – it has been compared to Shoreditch in London ten years ago.

There are a number of studios and multi tenanted buildings containing all sorts of creative artists, media companies and tech start ups.

FTTC is not available and ADSL is inadequate for more tech and media needs.

Smartinfo has delivered multiple 10 gigabit capacity directly into the Bristol Metronet to supply all the buildings in the area with the capacity they need. Fibre was dig intokey locations and where listed status and undiggable areas did not allow a network of licenced narrowband gigabit links were created to give full coverage to the area.

End user Clients can now receive minimum speeds of 30/30 meg upto a 1 gig if required. Clients include artists to TV broadcasting companies – all benefiting and increasing productivity due to the new high speed services.